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    The Relax and Sleep Pack is the simplest way to take the right supplements to help you get a great night's sleep.

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The Health Risks of Too Little Sleep

Over 100 million Americans Suffer from sleep loss

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  • A study of 164 healthy people found that those who slept < 5 hours per night were more likely to get a cold compared to those who slept 7+ hours, regardless of demographics and weight

  • Tummy Troubles
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    Not sleeping can make the symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and acid reflux worse and may put you more at risk of developing IBD and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

  • difficulty Learning
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    Sleep deprivation interferes with our ability to remember and process new information. Researchers recommend pushing back early work and school start times to help ensure we get enough sleep.

  • Irritability & Mood Swings
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    Researchers found that interruptions and disturbances tend to bother us more when we haven’t slept.

  • Headaches and Migraines
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    Research links poor sleep quality to migraines and sleep apnea to headaches.

  • Depleted Sex Derive
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    Getting enough sleep is important for promoting healthy sexual desire and genital response. It also appears to play a role in how often we engage in sexual activity with our partners.

  • Poor Vision
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    Sleep deprivation is linked with tunnel vision, double vision, and dimness. The longer you’re awake, the more visual errors you’ll see and the more likely you are to hallucinate.

  • Weight Gain
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    When we don’t get enough shut-eye, researchers found, we also tend to snack more and pick calorie-rich foods over lighter ones - especially for kids.

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Our Promise to You

  • Built with Quality

    Backed by Science

  • Built with Quality

    Built with Quality

  • Built with Quality

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Built with QualityBacked by Science

Our Healthcare professionals designed a unique pack combining 3 supplements that are supported by science to help you get a great night’s sleep.

Melatonin (3mg time-release) - is a naturally occurring hormone that helps to regulate sleep cycles and is the most researched sleep supplement.

L-Theanine (200mg) – is the relaxing component of green tea that helps relax the mind prior to sleep.

Magnesium (300mg) – 60% of Americans don’t get enough Magnesium in their diets. It is involved in over 300 reactions in the body and people with adequate magnesium levels report better sleep

Built with QualityBuilt with Quality

Natrol’s Quality Assurance Program involves the following key components: Vendor Qualification, Ingredient Testing, In-Process Testing, Finished Product Testing, Document Control, Record Retention, Regular Quality Audits

Made in the USA by Natrol

With 35 years of making quality supplements

Pharmacy-grade packaging

Built with Quality

Built with QualityGuaranteed by Us

We simplify supplements so you can lead a healthier life.
If we are not living up to our promise, let us know and we will make it right. Guaranteed!

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